NA Prince Natural Resource Asset Trust

Forestry Tree Operations
Oil, Gas and Minerals
FD Prince (Fred D. Prince) / Reviewing his Operations, ca.1959 NAPNRAT
NA Prince Natural Resource Asset Trust is an Estate Holding Trust, which retains and operates for profit of all of the businesses of going-concern vast operations that are related to the Forestry Tree Farms in all States (excluding the State of New York). This TRUST also reflects all Mineral Estate Assets held by the TRUST and all Oil & Gas Operations that are Operated by the TRUST, but not limited to, which were held by FD Prince and/or Opal T. Prince Estates, which their said Probated Estates were Probated in County of Navarro, in the State of Texas and their Estate Assets were solely inherited by their only heir, being their son, known as Neal A. Prince (excluding the State of New York). All Properties held by this TRUST. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the NA Prince Natural Resource Asset Trust Representatives and/or Agents at the Fort Worth Regional Office, in the State of Texas.
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